Childrens Book EditorBasic Editing for Childrens Books

Basic Editing for children’s books is for those people whose books can be edited by an editor who does not necessarily specialize in the editing of children’s books. The difference is that a children’s book editor will ensure all words, as well as sentence length and structure are appropriate for a particular age level. An editor not specializing in children's books will edit for grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, and style, but is not as likely to be able to offer as many recommendations regarding words and sentence structure relevant to children of various age groups.

This service is particularly useful for spiritual books, therapy books, or any book that may be used for children, but where a grade level vocabulary is not essential. It may also be a good option when budgeting considerations are a primary factor.

This type of edit involves text only, and is significantly less expensive. It typically takes less time.

Price for Basic Childrens Book Editing: $350.00

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