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To create and publish a successful children’s picture storybook there are a few facets of development that should be addressed early on by the author/illustrator/self-publisher. The two main factors in developing a children’s picture storybook are text development and editing, and art development and editing.

STEP 1 - Developmental Critique

The text development stage begins with your great idea for a book. Before any actual text editing begins, an experienced editor will provide a critique of your manuscript. At Self Publishing, Inc. we believe it is important to help identify the strengths and weaknesses (opportunities for development) of the manuscript relevant to its intended audience and the purpose of the book. Then you can revise as you wish before proceeding to editing.

STEP 2 – Text Edit

The manuscript should be submitted after breaking it down into either a twenty-four or thirty-two page format. Each page should include the text you want on that page. If you know what you want illustrated on each page (or spread), please include the illustration descriptions to provide your editor with as much information and context as possible. Your text will be edited for grammar, punctuation, syntax, and style, as well as to ensure that the text for each page clearly conveys one concept that can be associated with an appropriate illustration. If you have supplied the editor with illustration ideas, the editor will offer feedback and recommendations on those. If you have not provided illustration ideas, the editor will suggest you purchase the Comprehensive Children's Book Editing package instead, or will discuss the additional fees to include developing art concepts further. The editor will also offer suggestions on size and format of the book, such as upright, oblong, or square

After you have revised your manuscript based on this edit, you start the illustration process with either an Self Publishing, Inc.' illustrator or yours.
The second part of this edit includes receiving the editor's feedback on each of the initial pencil drawings, based on the context of the whole story.

Price for Professional Children's Book Editing - $1,673.00

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