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The third option is for the publisher who wants the editor to be more involved. It does cost more though and includes working closely with the editor from concept to the bound book stage, reviewing everything through multiple passes including each step of the illustration process.

STEP 1 - Developmental Critique

The text development stage begins with your great idea for a book. Before any actual text editing begins we provide a critique of your manuscript to let you know whether the concept is marketable and appropriate for the intended audience. Storyline adjustments and the rewriting of some portions of the text may be recommended to enhace marketing potential.The proposed format for the book (upright, oblong or square) will be recommended at this point. NOTE: This step must be done before ordering any illustration work.

STEP 2 – Text Edit

Then, when you have revised if/as desired, based on the critique, the actual text editing begins. You and the editor first fine-tune the content as needed. The editor reviews the manuscript for word count, content, language and vocabulary usage, and sentence structure to make sure the text is age appropriate, and that the content is clearly conveyed to streamline the pace of the story. The editor may suggest some rewriting of portions of the text if needed. After you revise if/as desired, and the editor receives your approval to move forward with the edit, the editor copy edits the text. This step includes reviewing and correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling.The editor also reviews the manuscript format to ensure the proposed text fits into the intended final format that will be printed. This involves making sure the text breaks (each portion of copy on a page or spread) will result in the best art layout.

STEP 3 - Art Edit

Once the copyedited manuscript is complete, the editor reviews and critiques your page by page ideas for art and/or suggests art descriptions for the entire book. The editor can also help the author determine a suitable art style for the book based on the story content, the age of the audience for which it is intended, and the market into which the book will be sold. Art editing ensures that the art proposed art descriptions enhance the pace and flow of the story, and that the art complements the text, visually showing the story as if unfolds, in a dynamic and effective way.

The editor reviews the initial black and white pencil sketch example for one page of the book, and later also reviews the pencil sketches for each page of the book and offers suggestions for changes if needed. The editor later reviews the full-color art for the book and offers suggestions for changes if needed. Review of both the pencils and full color art ensures that the elements of the drawings are consistent throughout the book, that characters remain “on model” and that the color palette is carried through consistently. Next, the editor reviews the art in preliminary page layouts. This stage includes the manuscript in typeset form positioned with the art for the entire book.

The type style and face and line breaks of the text are considered and evaluated. Once you and the editor have reviewed any revisions to the preliminary page layouts, and you have approved the final full-color proofs, the book is ready to print.

Price for Comprehensive Children's Book Editing - $2,730.00

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