Artist Instructions


Ella and the Bunnies

Book is 8 x 10"
The style should be realistic.
Descriptions of characters are provided for this title:

  • Ella is a 2-3 year old toddler at the beginning the story. She could be described as "all girl". She has curly hair and always wears skirts or dresses. Beginning on page 24 Ella is portrayed as older, about 5.
  • Bunny (or Bunny One) is a velvety soft stuffed bunny who wears a little pale blue jacket. He will be brown and his tail and inside of his ears are white. In the story, over time Bunny becomes threadbare in places, and has holes where his stuffing comes out so he looks floppy and worn.
  • Bunny Two looks exactly Bunny One when he was new. Bunny Two is first shown on page 20.
  • Zander is a typical little boy who wears overalls. He is shown both as a toddler and a 5 year old.
  • Nana is Zander and Ella's grandmother. She has short hair and is just a little plump. She is the "fun" grandma!

SAMPLE to illustrate this text as a spread (2 pages):
Ella and Bunny whirled on the carousel and flew on an airplane.


Ivan the Inventor

Book is 8 x 8" and the style can be cartoon-like or whimsical.
This book has a lot of text and there are no descriptions provided, other than a request to make the characters likeable.

SAMPLE to illustrate this text as one page:
Ivan and his dad searched all over the house for the missing paycheck. They started by searching the sofa. "There's my flashlight I've been missing." Ivan's dad said as they continued their search. Ivan found a five dollar bill, a quarter, a matchbox car and a half-empty pack of chewing gum.