The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Editor

Checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all things that many well-educated, competent English speakers are capable of. A properly trained copy editor will correct more of these errors, and will also look at broader issues:

  • Overall organization and structure
  • Style, tone, and focus
  • General accuracy of information
  • Clarity and completeness of ideas
  • Appropriateness for intended audience

One of the major advantages of hiring a professional is their straightforward approach to copy editing. A professional editor looks at the work independently, and makes corrections and suggestions with regard to accepted style authorities and the elements of good writing rather than based on personal relationships with the author or the topic. Their efforts are aimed toward improving the work. Their feelings are not hurt if the client chooses to disregard their suggestions. A professional copy editor understands that it is the author's name on the front of the book, and will work to preserve-and help develop-the author's voice or overall tone of the book. An editor also recognizes a publisher's stake in the quality of its product. And, finally, every professional copy editor understands the point of view of the reader, and wants to make each book a more enjoyable reading experience. In the end, a copy editor is on everyone's side: the author's, the publisher's, and the reader's.

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