Who Needs a Copy Edit?

Traditional publishers will rarely publish a book without polishing it through several levels of editing. They ensure that each book receives the highest level of editing necessary to produce a quality end product. In the self-publishing industry, however, a copy edit is one of the most underutilized and misunderstood steps in the overall production cycle of a book. In the end, everyone (especially the reader) benefits from a thorough copy edit done by a professional copy editor. A professional copy edit addresses not only mechanical issues such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar, but also style issues such as consistency, effective organization and structure, and a wide variety of "big picture" issues. A copy edit adds value to any book. Even if readers wouldn't name subject-verb agreement, proper word usage, and logical structure among the things that make them choose a given book, they expect these qualities. Errors make a book harder to read-and mark it as a lower-quality product.

Whether you are a publisher or an author, you want your book to be the best that it can be. A copy edit should always be viewed as an investment in the overall quality of the final product.

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