Indexing - Traditional indexing up to page size 6 x 9

Our industry-proven indexers will do the following:

* Examine the readership for your title to determine the appropriate level of indexing required
* Carefully read through the entire book, marking indexable entries.
* Create a quality index, specifically engineered toward your audience for maximum usability.

We recommend a quality index for all nonfiction books, especially:

* Cookbooks
* How-to books
* Historical nonfiction
* Travel books

Upon finalization of your pagination, your page proofs will be forwarded to our indexing department for service. In most cases, an indented style (also known as stacked style) is appropriate. If another style is more appropriate, you will be notified. Once you have OK�d the text on your pages, your index will be carefully laid out and added to your final pages. All indexes are governed by the general guidelines set forth by The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition.