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Welcome to the Self Publishing, Inc. FAQ section. We have tried to make this popular section as easy to use and understand and as interactive as possible. Questions are divided into categories to make navigating them easy. If you do not see the answer to a question you have about the publishing process, let us know. Questions submitted through the site will be promptly answered and posted in this section for all authors to share. Remember… Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is NOT bliss.

20 Distribution & Marketing Questions

1.)Will I be able to get my book on Oprah? 2.)Can I sell books directly to bookstores or is this an exclusive distribution arrangement? 3.)What is the difference between a POD Publisher and a POD Printer? 4.)What are BISAC codes and where do I get them? 5.)Should I try and get a trade book distributor? 6.)What are the benefits of the Thor Distribution Program? 7.)Why do I have to buy at least one hundred copies of my book before I can participate in the Thor Distribution program? 8.)Why can't I have my full color children's book in Thor? 9.)How many books should I print? 10.)How do you suggest I market my book? 11.)Is Thor Distribution meant to take the place of traditional distributor? 12.)How long will it take to outgrow the Thor Distribution Program? 13.)What is the difference between the Thor Program and other POD programs? 14.)How do I get my books distributed by Amazon or Barnes & Noble? 15.)What can I do to qualify to be distributed by a trade book distributor? 16.)What can I do if I can't find a distributor to distribute my book to the trade? 17.)What is Thor distribution? 18.)What are the disadvantages of the Thor Distribution program? 19.)Can I have my book printed somewhere else and still participate in the Thor Distribution Program? 20.)Do I need my own website to help sell my book?


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