Getting Started

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Now comes the fun part—outreaching to real readers and introducing your book to them. Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. There are several things you can do even before your book’s release so that you’re ready for sales to start when it’s “hot off the presses.”

GOALS DEFINE MARKETING. Rule #1 has to be to make sure your marketing plan fits your goals and your book. Big dreams? Bigger marketing! “Friends & Family” book? Less can be enough.

WHO ARE YOUR READERS? One of the best uses of time is to focus on who your target audiences are and how best to reach them. We provide some exercises for you to dig deeper into your marketing possibilities. (See more here.)

GET ON THE WEB! The majority of books are now sold outside of brick and mortar bookstores. Most of them are sold online. Offer your books where people buy. The biggest (mainstream) target audiences are comfortable using and purchasing products on the Internet. We provide affordable Web options.

“DISTRIBUTION” MEANS “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION”! Plan for direct and indirect sales success with distribution models that bring you the highest return AND let your customers buy where they’re most comfortable. Start with our THOR Distribution and arrange for Storage & Fulfillment.

BOOK MARKETING COACH. This is an author-centric option to help you strategize and formulate the best practices to successfully market your book. It includes an intensive three-month, start-to-finish process with a Book Marketing Coach. The primary purpose of the Book Marketing Coach is to infuse a steady stream of energy and creativity into your marketing efforts, whether your book’s approaching the starting gate or has been available for some time.

BOOK MARKETING PLUS ANALYSIS. In addition to the above service, we can add an in-depth Marketing Analysis. This report prepared by a book marketing analyst serves as a marketing roadmap to be used by you and your Book Marketing Coach. The primary purpose of the Book Marketing Coach Plus program is to jump start your book marketing program and to infuse intense initial energy and creativity into your marketing efforts, followed by the steady stream provided in the basic marketing coach program.