Glengarry Book Sales Award

“Writing is a love… Publishing is a business”. Publishing is the business of selling book. The Glengarry Award recognizes authors and Independent publishers who excel at the business end of publishing.

The qualifications to win the Glengarry Award are simple.. sell books. Sell enough books, you earn the award. Unlike most of the “literary” awards available to self-publishers, there is no fee involved. You have paid your dues.

To qualify for the Copper Level, you need to sell 1000 copies. It doesn’t matter how you sell them or how long it takes you to sell them. You could have printed 10 press runs of 100 or one of 1000 or a combination of printed books and POD just so the sales are verifiable.

Printing with Self Publishing, Inc. is not required to qualify for this award, although it makes it easier to verify sales if you are a printing customer.

Do You Qualify?

  • Platinum Level – 50,000 copies +
  • Gold Level - 10,000 copies +
  • Silver Level - 5000 copies +
  • Bronze Level - 3000 copies +
  • Copper Level - 1000 copies +

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Award Winners

Platinum Winners

  • Weight Training for Sports (6 books) – Zachary Price
  • The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging – Dorothy Brown
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Gold Winners

Silver Winners