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In entering the world of self publishing you enter virtual minefield of misinformation dominated by the vanity press that prey on the naivety of the typical self publisher. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Education is the key. You wouldn?t think of becoming a book printer without first learning about book printing. Book Publishing is no different. Our Book Publishing Basics Program is one of the most comprehensive publishing education programs currently being offered to the self publisher. Remember, Knowledge is Power. Your self publishing education starts here.


Avoid The Vanity Press Trap

Avoiding the Vanity Press Trap

Self publishing implies that “you” are the “publisher”. Ownership of the ISBN determines who the publisher is. If you did not buy your ISBN’s directly from RR Bowker, you do not own it. If you do not own the ISBN, you are NOT a self publisher, nor are you self publishing.

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The Internet is a virtual self publishing minefield. Learning the “basics” of book publishing is a must, whether you are self publishing your first book or printing your 10th book.
Free Publishing Basics Book

Publishing Basics – A Guide for the Small Press and Independent Self Publisher

Publishing Basics takes all the mystery out of self publishing and steers you in the right direction. Answers are provided for all the most frequently asked editorial, design, and marketing questions, and more. The book itself is produced in five 16-page segments, or signatures, using five different kinds of paper and four different printing processes.
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Helping you navigate the self publishing minefield! The Internet's First Self Publishing Radio Station. Weekly radio shows/podcasts all on self publishing.

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